A golf bag allows for one to carry up to fourteen golf clubs. This should consist of all the types of golf clubs that is, hybrids, irons, wedges, putters, drivers and fairway woods. As a beginner, you will only require nine, some of which you will not frequently use. Out of the nine, it is advisable to have four mid or short irons. Finding the appropriate iron set has never been a walk in the park, not even for professional golfers. Here are factors to consider when selecting the right beginner iron set.

Beginner Iron Set

Guide to getting the Perfect Beginner Iron Set

Skill Level

There are three types of golf irons which are effective for different levels of expertise in golf. They are; Players’ irons which are designed for very proficient golfers, Game improvement Irons for intermediate golfers and Super Game Improvement Irons for high handicap players.

The Super Game Improvement Irons are the most suitable for beginners since they offer more forgiveness on off-centre shots.

The Club Head

The quality of the club head is quite essential while selecting the appropriate beginner iron set. Materials such as titanium, steel and brass usually make the best club heads.

Even though a club head made of titanium can be quite pricey, it is the most preferable for beginners since it will be of great help in offering control over the direction and strength of shots.


The grip is the section of the club that a golfer comes in touch with while hitting the ball. The correct iron should have a grip designed in a manner that does not allow slipping even when the hands become wet from sweat or rainwater.

The shaft

There are various things to be considered while looking at the shaft. One is the shaft material. Shafts are usually made of steel or graphite; shafts made out of graphite are more suitable for beginners since they are lighter.

Another thing is the shaft length, you should get an iron with a shaft that fits your height. You should therefore consider a club fitting to get the right one. Finally, there is the shaft flex.

There are different types of shaft flexes ranging from regular to stiff. Fast swingers should always opt for the stiff shaft flexes while slower swingers should go for the flexible ones. In this case, it is more advisable to use the flexible shaft flexes.

Sole Width

Often you will notice that a trend among the best irons for beginners usually have wide soles. This will ensure that more weight is lower down to assist get the shots airborne and prevent digging a lot at impact.

Irons with bevelled soles are now available to ensure more interaction with the turf and decrease loss of energy at impact


A good beginner iron set should come in handy in a number of ways in order to help get the ball into the green.

Remember it is preferable that a beginner picks irons numbered 6, 7, 8 and 9 since they can be easily utilized by new golfers.

Irons with these numbers make it easy to loft the ball. You are most likely to become comfortable with lower numbered irons which are 3, 4 and 5 as your skill level continues to grow.