Did you know the first 18-hole golf course was in a sheep farm? How about the fact that China banned the development of new golf courses? Yes, the Chinese government did! However, cities and local communities are still secretly setting them up. So, here is another question; why are they still establishing them even after the ban? Well, according to me, there could be one major reason – golf is such an interesting game, you can never have enough of it once you start playing it and become an enthusiast. Beginners are not an exception. In conjunction with that, what are the best golf courses for new golfers? Here are things to look at in search for the best golf courses for beginners.

Best golf courses for beginners

Factors to Consider when Choosing Golf Courses for Beginners


Is the golf course accessible enough? If not, why go through all that trouble as a new golfer? You can always opt for one that is more accessible and nearer to your place of residence. There is also the issue of public clubs compared to country clubs. Public clubs are more affordable and more forgiving hence they are more appropriate for beginners. However, they are usually very busy. Thus, as you continue to advance in golf, you may want to go to a private golf course for that exclusive feeling.

Site Condition, Course Layout and Playability

Physical factors such as topography, soils, surface area of the land, vegetation, availability of water and drainage system add up to the crucial elements of a golf course. There should be a medium amount of hazards such as narrow fairways, water hazards, bunkers and lush greens in a golf course. These features will lead to a great golfing experience, this is why course layouts should be planned by experienced golf architects. Beginners should however not choose very challenging courses as this may discourage them from continuing with golfing. This is due to the fact that it will take a lot of time to get to the first green. It is also advisable that new golfers go for the forward set of tees to make it easier to reach the greens. Finally, a beginner can just opt for a 3-hole game and proceed to more holes with advancements in golf skills.

Golf Course Charges

You have to evaluate your budget and come up with how much you are willing to spend. If you have budget constraints then you may just want to enroll at a public golf course. This is in fact very good for beginners since they are able to play on grounds that offer more forgiveness at very cost effective prices. However, if you feel there is a need to golf in a very serene, classy and well-maintained environment, then a private golf course is the best option for you; you will need to spend more.


Having purchased a new set of the best golf clubs for beginners, golf attires and other necessary golf accessories, it must now be very thrilling looking forward to getting the best golf course for beginners. The above-listed factors are key to getting the right golf course for you. Even as you seek to find the perfect golf course, I just want to quote what was once said by Harry Vardon, “Don’t play too much golf. Two rounds a day are plenty.”