The Best Golf Drivers For Beginners

Today in an era where technology is constantly changing and manufacturing techniques are improving, it’s only logical that club prices will looks a little scary here and there but today we aim to outline some really impressive drivers which offer a bang for your buck.

While we can certainly find some of the best golf drivers included in some of the sets of the best golf clubs for beginners, its important to be able to identify the benefits of hand picking yourself a driver for when that time comes, so that you’re well equipped to make the right decision.

Whether you’ve already gotten yourself a set and are looking to make a replacement purchase, or maybe you’re on your first journey to building yourself your first custom golf set to suit your specific requirements. We hope that this guide provides you with the information required to make that step forward as smooth as possible.

In our opinion, the best golf drivers for beginners are those that have higher handicappers as they come with large club heads, in turn making them easier to hit additionally they also have larger sweet spots which will give you greater forgiveness.

Feel free to use our handy comparison table below to get a good idea of the different featured of each of the drivers.

Best Golf Drivers for Beginners

Our Recommended Choice:

Callaway Men’s XR 16 Driver

The XR 16 driver is our choice for the best golf driver for beginners. Developed by Callaway is an amazing driver for beginners, what makes this one of the best golf drivers for beginners is that Callaway have taken into consideration the forgiveness usually required by beginners.

The shaft is made of graphite for a nice lightweight and forgiving nature, with flex options ranging from regular, senior or stiff allowing you to make the choice that best suits your play. The driver is 460cc with three loft variants with a 3-3.5° loft adjustment on all versions.

Callaway Mens XR 16 Driver

The aerodynamics of the driver using technology from Boeing allows the head to reach a new threshold of speed. The high head speed design also comes with low drag this is done by pinpointing the size and placement for their speed step allowing the driver to save on weight and add the speed mentioned.

The clubs very forgiving with the new head giving them the ability to developer a new larger head shape for MOI and a bigger footprint all while keeping that centre for gravity lower and deeper. In turn once again leading to more speed on impact with the ball resulting in more distanced shots.

The drivers face utilizes RMOTO face technology, meaning it’s up to 19% thinner and the body itself is much lighter than usual, leading to increased ball speed across the face. With the weight savings they’ve redistributed it into the club head for more MOI. With the combination of a faster face and the high level of forgiveness in the driver, this lets you pick up a lot of ball speed whether hit dead center or off the toe.


  • The reduced weight mean more distance and consistent shots

  • Provides higher average swing speeds


  • If you already have high ball flights, this may not be for you

  • The bigger head may cause cutting if you’re not used to it

Callaway Men’s Big Bertha V Series DriverTaylorMade Men’s R15 460 DriverCallaway Men’s XR 16 DriverTaylorMade M4 DriverTaylorMade M4 Driver
Callaway Men's Big Bertha V SeriesTaylorMade Mens R15 DriverTalorMade M4 DriverTaylorMade M3 Driver
MaterialGraphiteGraphiteGraphiteMCA White Graphite
FlexReg, Senior, StiffReg, Senior, Stiff, X-StiffLadies, Reg, Senior, Stiff, X-StiffReg, Senior, Stiff, X-Stiff
Weight1.4 Pounds1.2 Pounds1.2 Pounds1.3 Pounds

Callaway Men’s Big Bertha V Series Driver

The fastest Driver in the Bertha range of drivers, providing exceptional distance from the use for aggressive speed and forgiveness all accompanied by a lightweight design.

Big Bertha has been engineered with speed optimized technology, with a club weight of 290 grams this helps to create more club head speed and ball spin to achieve longer distances. Faster swing speeds also are coming from the aerodynamic shaping that lowers drag throughout the entirety of the swing. The forged composite material in the crown is lighter which provides maximum club head speed.

The other way bertha is capable of such high speed is the lightweight Mitsubishi Bassara graphite shaft found in the 10.5 and 13.5 degree heads, and also the Fujikura Moitore Speeder 565 in the 9 degree head.

Callaway Men's Big Bertha V Series Side

The drivers face in nice a wide to provide more consistent hits and long drives. The driver also features an adjustable hosel which will let you choose form a combination on 8 different loft and lie angle configurations to figure out your optimized trajectory and shot shape.

This driver is certainly one of the best golf drivers for beginners and anyone starting out that wants some serious speed gains and possible distance improvements to their game.

TaylorMade Men’s R15 460 Driver

TaylorMade Mens R15 Driver Side

Taylormade, well known and certainly one of the best manufacturers of some of the best golf drivers for beginners and accessories today. Having produced quality equipment for over 15 years.

With a 460cc driver, sliding weights and lightweight head and shaft, this driver hones in on speed, power and precision without compromising on your play.

The R15 Driver is a tried a tested driver using TaylorMades metalwood technology and having it news optimized inverted cone technology for a bigger expanded sweet spot. The tick thin casting for a lower and more forward center-of-gravity and not to mention a loft sleeve for maximum adjustability. Able to reduce spin from the use of the new sliding speed pocket and increasing the sweet spot and also new sliding split weights for some fine tuning.

Heel weighting allows you to draw shots, and achieve fade shots with toe weighting or if you want maximum stability use split weighting or a combination of all.

You’ll be able to get a higher launch and lower spin with the use of the lower center of gravity and it being for forward and the four-degree sleeve allows for great loft adjustment opportunities.

The driver head is a lovely pear-shape which promotes confidence and large footprint with its satin white finish.

TaylorMade M4 Driver

With a new face curvature and corrective face angle on off-center hits to reduce side spin and provide you with shots that are truer.

TaylorMades M4 Driver comes in at 460cc and is capable of providing more loft in high-toe and much less in low-heel gaining more consistent spin. An engineered reinforced hammerhead slot means the outer portions of the slot allow a light and more flexible face, meaning a large sweet spot. The driver is able to increase the ball speed on the low face and drop unwanted spin gaining more distance, all from the use of the center portion of the slot.

TalorMade M4 Driver Side

The driver also featured something called GEOCOUSTIC, this is the driver shaped in such a way that it can produce explosive, solid sound. The reduced sole volume allows for a larger and much more forgiving face.

TaylorMade M3 Driver

TaylorMade M3 Driver Top

From all the way back to 1979 with the development of TaylorMades first metalwood, they have embedded their selves as a mainstay and leader in golf equipment developing some of the best golf drivers for beginners and professionals alike.

Boasting a driver head of 460cc and utilizing twist face technology, this new face curvature with a corrective face angle on off-center hits is intended to reduce any side spin and provide much straighter shots. The twist face also enables more loft in the high-toe and less in the low-heel allowing the production of more consistence spin where golfers commonly miss hit.

The driver also features a hammerhead slot, this new sole that has been implemented into the driver means that the reinforced outer portions of the slot gains you a lighter and much more flexible face resulting in a larger sweet spot as expected.

Their Y-Track system lets you use weights and move them around to personalize ball flight for draw,  fade, high and low shots. These tracks are connected for the first time giving you an unrestricted movement of 22g of mass in the form of 2 11g weights, providing forgiveness for draw and fade options.

With the combination of these features it makes for a quality driver providing extreme customisation to get the driver suit to how you play.

Keep a Wide Stance

The driver is the club that you can swing the fastest,  keep your shoulders extended out down to the inside of your feet, this will make sure you’re solid enough to swing the club with balance when you start to increase the club speed.

What to consider before buying a driver

Before you decide to make a choice on which of best golf drivers for beginners you want to go with, It’s important to understand the different factors that go into making this choice, so were going to go through the differences and give you some information to help make an educated choice.

It’s easy to make the mistake that the more expensive the driver, the better it’s going to be and that it uses the latest technology and will be fine for anyone, while its true they use the latest tech, what’s untrue is that it is for everyone, as one size doesn’t fit all and often these drivers are usually intended to be used by more experienced golfers. These clubs usually allow high swing speeds which beginners often do not have the technique down to consistently generate.

How Many Drivers do I need?

Since it’s quite common that most beginner golfers cannot hit the driver, it’s not uncommon for them to instead take along a hybrid or a 3-wood, this is because it can provide them a much better chance of getting to the fairway off the tee. Additionally reports find that these clubs are more comfortable to hit than the driver. Having said that if you do feel more confident than this and you want to instead practice then a driver with a beginner specific design will be of help.

Whatever you do, something to remember is that even professional golfers only take one of their best golf drivers along with them, this is because often the driver will be adjustable and will provide shot-shaping and also maximum distance.

How to choose the right driver head shape

You’ll often find that drivers will come in both a rounded and squared head shape. Thus beginners often find themselves needing to make the choice between two head shapes when shopping for a driver. With performance in mind our recommendation is that your choice should be factors in with the comfort level you feel in mind with that said driver.

Traditionally round drivers usually are the best for beginners, the reason being that these are usually not as chunky as square ones and are much less likely to cut up the turf before the impact. With round drivers you’ll find that they are able to help you keep yourself in a plane while also improving the swing speed you are able to achieve. As the swing speed increases so too does the ball speed.

The Shaft Length

The length of the golf shaft is again a very important factor to take into account when buying a driver club. What usually is a dependant factor is actually your height. If you’re rather short then you’ll want to stay away from anything with a long shaft as it will be difficult to swing.

You may also want to measure the length of your arm and while you’re at is take a look at your swing style that you can figure out what the right size for you will be. It is very important that you’re aware that most of the modern drivers are actually longer and lighter than the older drivers. With the extra weight and length what this means is that you’ll be able to produce more torque and generate a nice arc allowing you to hit the ball further.

Build Material

The build material of the club will be something that you’ll also need to consider, for both the shaft and the head of the driver as this will affect the performance of the driver.

There are often a wide variety of materials that you can choose from when it comes to the head of the driver. Manufacturers of golf clubs will often use metals such as stainless steel, titanium, zinc, aluminium, and others to make the club heads. The titanium’s are usually the most expensive as they are able to offer the best performance for beginners. You’ll find that stainless steel is often the cheapest and might be ideal for you if you’re are shopping on a budget, or are just looking for something to practice with.

The shaft options are usually a choice of either graphite or steel. Graphite being the more popular material for beginners because it is able to offer a variety of flexibility. Steel shafts in turn are mainly for low handicapper as their able to provide better control and an increase in your precision.

Driver Head Design

The head design of the driver is also a feature that beginners should take into consideration when shopping for a driver. When it comes down to it, the size is a very important element to consider. It’s crucial to know that the large the head size is this will naturally result in a large sweet spot, making miss hits more forgiving. Golf regulations allow for a maximum size of 460cc for the club head size, as a beginner it would be wise to go for this size or something in the range of 440cc-450cc.


In golf, you’ll find that loft will play a vital role in the case of where the ball will actually go. While many golfers tend to overlook this and the angle of the loft, it’s still very important for beginners to take this into consideration when you’re looking for the best gold drivers for beginners. A good idea is to go for one that has a high loft (between at least 10 and 12). Drivers that have lower lofts are more likely to take on side spin, in turn making it hard for beginners to get the ball high and fly true.

Driver Cost

When starting out, a beginner should generally opt for a cost basis which is more affordable, this is because you’re not going to be able to swing the club very well just yet. With this said you still make to make sure what you decide to go with is a high quality driver with good comfort. If you can find one that you like and you feel comfortable with, be sure to shop around and compare prises and different stores if you happen to be out and about, or even if you’re online, look for those discounts.

To Summarise

So in closing here, generally you want to make sure the driver you choose is lightweight and comfortable, make sure you’re able to get off a good swing and be sure that it doesn’t infringe on your ability to flight the ball a good distance.