Getting the very first set of golf clubs is never an effortless task. It is usually very difficult to choose out of the numerous options available in a golf store. This why you need to carry out your research right. This will give you an idea of what you will see at the golf store and who knows, you may find the ideal set of golf clubs during the process. So, all you will have to do is pick your payment card or cash and rush to the nearest golf store whenever you are ready. It should be absolutely exciting to shop for your first set of clubs, below are things to put to consideration before making the purchase.

First set of golf clubs

Factors to consider before buying your first set of clubs

Golf Goals

Are you really passionate about golf? Honestly, there is no sense in purchasing a very high-priced set of golf clubs yet you plan to use them once in every six months. This will be such a waste of time and money. You will only need this if you dedicate the slightest chance you get to go to the golf course.

Consider Buying Used Clubs

This will depend on your levels of dedication to golf and how much you are willing to spend. If you are not so certain about taking a lot of your time in a golf course then a used set of golf clubs will work well. However if you are a golf enthusiast then there is no harm spending an extra dime to buy your new first set of golf clubs.

Shaft Options  

You should always pay attention to shaft material and flex before buying a golf club. Basically, there are two types of materials used to make club shafts that is, steel and graphite.

Shafts made out of steel are more cost-effective while the ones made out of graphite are lighter making it easy to achieve a proper swing speed. Shaft flex on the other hand usually ranges from stiff to flexible.

Stiff shaft flexes are meant for golfers with fast swing speed while the flexible ones are suited for golfers with slow swing speeds. So what is your swing speed? This will help you know the type of shaft to select.

Club Fitting

Since this is your first set of golf clubs, it is very essential to go for a club fitting. Things such as the shaft and lie will be fitted to suit your body type. This will making it easy for you to appropriately hit the golf ball making your golfing experience interesting.

Club Head

Consider a clubs with bigger heads to increase contact with the golf ball. This will increase the chance of hitting the golf ball.


It is advisable to get a pocket friendly set of golf clubs the first time you decide to do so. In case you decide to drop golf later on, you won’t have lost a lot.


Finding the best golf clubs for beginners that consists of all the types of golf clubs that is; irons, fairway woods, hybrids, wedges, putters and drivers. Having considered all the mentioned factors, you are good to go. If you are sure about your dedication in golfing, don’t be afraid to go out of the way to get a high quality set of golf clubs since it is worth it.