“If you drink, don’t drive. Don’t even putt.”  Well, that was quite a warning from Dean Martin. You will definitely find it hard to use a driver after drinking since it is the hardest type of club for beginners to use. Drivers are basically the longest golf clubs with the biggest heads in any club set. They are quite a vital gear that any beginner would require the first time in a golf course as a player. They are also pretty costly. However, there is no cause for alarm since a good driver, as well as your determination and dedication, will make all the difference. So, what makes good golf drivers for beginners? Here are some factors to consider.

Good Golf Drivers for Beginners


Factors to Consider when Selecting Good Golf Drivers for Beginners

The Club Head

When choosing good golf drivers for beginners, there are two main things to be considered when it comes to the clubhead, that is, the size and the shape. It is advisable for a beginner to pick a clubhead whose volume ranges from 440 to 460 cubic centimetres. A large clubhead will allow a huge extent of impact and which will improve the strength of the shot. However, if you feel achieving a stable swing will be the challenge then you should go for a smaller clubhead. Next, there is the shape. They come in various shapes including round, pear, square and extended. Round is the best option for beginners since they are lighter and do not easily stick on the turf before hitting. Finally, colour is a matter of preference.

The Loft

This is definitely something that every new golfer should consider. The loft is the angle of the head face which determines the distance, backspin and trajectory of the ball. The rule of thumb is; the lower your swing speed, the higher the loft of the driver will be required. Beginners should, therefore, gauge their swing speed in order to come up with the perfect loft angle.


It is advisable for beginners to use drivers with flexible shafts in order to increase the drive distance. The length of the shaft is key as well. This greatly relies on your height. You should measure the length of your arms and evaluate your swinging style to know the appropriate shaft length.


Golf drivers should generally have a weight that can be easily handled. They should be convenient for the new golfers’ physical strength and swinging speed. Moreover, a light driver will boost the rate of off-centre hits.


When it comes to the head there is a wide variety of materials to choose from including stainless steel, zinc, titanium and aluminium. For beginners, it is most preferable to use titanium for the best results, though it is expensive. The shaft, on the other hand, can be made from either steel or graphite, the latter being the better choice for beginners due to its various flex options.

Club fitting

Sometimes you’ll find that the best golf drivers for beginners will mostly come as a result of proper fitting. Beginners should be fitted in order to come up with an adjustable driver appropriate to their specific swinging habit. It is also good to choose an adjustable driver to enable a beginner to make changes to such things as loft and lie that will be handy.


It is always great to go for quality golf drivers at a pocket-friendly price. Remember to consider quality even as you select a driver which is cost-effective.


Having considered all the above, all beginners should be sure to find the appropriate drivers for themselves. Nothing will ever go wrong while using a golf driver with the right size and shape of the clubhead, proper loft, shaft, weight, fitting and material.