What are the best golf clubs for beginners

In today’s age, the sport of golf has become something for spectators and players alike. You’ll often discover that finding that club that feels ‘just right’ to help improve your play is essential to overall play efficiency. Not only that, but it’s undeniably also the one thing that makes the sport of golf so unique in comparison to other common sports, usually requiring that you attain clubs for various types for certain areas of play.

Now if the world of sport is new to you and you’re actually a beginner, then it’s understandable to feel like having a large number of clubs is a requirement you might not need. However, if you have any passion for the game and truly want to excel just like you see the professionals do, then having multiple clubs is a complete necessity.

When speaking about clubs for that matter, there is to no surprise quite a large range of different clubs to choose from varying in many types for certain plays. The following guide which you’re about to read is intended to help provide you with all of the information needed to make that choice easier and also more educated.

So with that said, if your game is leaning in more of a competitive angle, then you’ll certainly want to be using all of the different types of clubs available at your disposal. Starting out it might be a little over whelming, however once you have gotten a feel for the various types of golf clubs and come to understand their uses, it will become natural and you won’t have a second thought when picking up a clubs and getting into play.

  1. Our Recommended Golf Club Sets
  2. Callaway Men’s Strata Ultimate
  3. Wilson Men’s Profile XD
  4. Callaway Men’s Strata Tour
  5. Things you should know about golf clubs
  6. The Various Types of Golf Clubs

Our Recommended Golf Club Sets

Callaway Strata UltimateWilson Profile XDCallaway Strata Tour
Callaway Strata Ultimate SetWilson Men’s Profile XD Golf Club SetCallaway Men's Strata Tour Complete Golf Set
18 Piece:
Driver, 2 Fairway Woods, 2 Hybrids, 4 Irons, 2 Wedges, Putter, Stand bag, Covers
10 Piece
Driver, 5 Fairway Wood, 5 Hybrid, 4 Irons, 2 Wedges, Putter, Stand bag, Covers
16 Piece:
Driver, 3 Wood, 4,5 Hybrid, 6-9 Iron, PW, SW, Putter, Stand bag, Covers
Both OrientationsBoth OrientationsBoth Orientations
21.1 pounds16.2 pounds18.5 Pounds
Stand BagStand BagStand Bag
Pockets + cooler pocketPocketsPockets
5 Covers2 Covers3 Covers

Once you’ve gotten your beak wet and had a little taste of playing golf, it will undoubtedly become a sport that you’ll be enjoying thoroughly. You’ll make some amazing plays over time with memories that will stay without for the rest of your life. If you become very passionate about the game it may even bring you lifelong friendships which you’ll certainly treasure.

With that said regardless of whether or not your aim is to become a professional or not, everyone has to start somewhere, and where better to start than the beginning. To begin with, you’ll come to find out that there are quite a number of things that you’ll need to pick up. With the first and foremost of these items being the crucial golf clubs unless you plan to use some tree branches (don’t actually do that).

As you’ll likely be a beginner just starting out, it will probably feel a little difficult choosing which clubs you should be going with. This is usually because you will be unsure of what it is that you actually are in need of. Fret not though because we’re here to help guide you in the right direction with the following reviews and information, helping you make informed choices.

Here Are Our Recommended Choices For The Best Club Sets

Callaway Men’s Strata Ultimate

If we are talking about the quintessential leaders in the golf manufacturing industry then we wouldn’t be doing you justice without talking about Callaway, they certainly a brand that is trusted among both causal golfers and professionals alike providing golf equipment for over 37 years. The set we’re talking about is their Strata Ultimate set which has been designed and engineered to be suitable for beginners kitted out with every golf club needed to get you right onto the course.

Each clubs in this set has been developed and created to a very high standard, with Callaways care and expertise, making sure that you’re able to get the most performance for value from this set of clubs. We would be amiss if we didn’t mention how great the set as a whole looks as well, with a stand bag that comes with ample storage space for all of your belongings.

Callaway Mens Strata Ultimate Golf Set

Set Specifications


The driver that is included within this golf club set is a titanium driver which features a large sweet spot which is great for a beginner. This means there is more forgiveness in both the swing and the the impact making the shot easier to hit than other drivers.

Fairway Woods

Made with aerodynamics in mind, the sets fairway woods are capable of use for long and high shots with swings that are fast likely due to the aerodynamic head engineering that the clubs have been designed with.


With a large number of Irons and wedges at your disposal, allowing you to play with confidence with a stainless steel build design, providing you with forgiveness, distance, and control on your shots with their high flight technology.


If you need it there are also hybrids that allow you the option to play an alternative shot in addition to your long irons, this gives you both confidence and variety in your choice of play.


The final piece of kit when we’re speaking of the clubs, this putter is built to a high standard with accuracy in mind, the putter has a precise face and also design based on milling providing you with control on the shot distance helping you get that ball where it needs to go.

Stand Bag

Like we mentioned above the bag looks great, it comes with a large number of storage pockets to tuck away any belongings you might have. It also features a back strap for transportation and ease of manoeuvrability.


Value for money certainly comes to mind, they provide this at an affordable rate with no compromise on quality.

The clubs show some good durability so they should be able to start a long time before purchasing any more.

The clubs included are of high quality and arguably better than a large number of clubs available individually.

The bag that is included in made to an exceptional standard and feature great durability for peace of mind.


Some players have reported difficulty in the adaption to the driver from their previous club.

While the set does include wedges, a sand wedge would have been a valuable addition.

The putter looks to certainly be accurate however the durability may be in question, time will tell.

Reviews show that the grip of the clubs are a little rough, however this can be because of the last of use/ware.

Wilson Men’s Profile XD

Wilson is a well-known brand that has provided sport equipment for a large number of years for all types of sport, their certainly a mainstay in the golf equipment industry too. The Profile XD set is very ideal for a beginner to start out with, with the set being made with this is mind starting out with the set will be a breeze. Included in the set is each club needed to play.

As well as the set begin very value focused and wallet friendly they certainly don’t skimp on the overall quality, providing an experience akin to other sets in it’s range. With Wilsons knowledge of sport equipment, specifically golf in this case, they are able to provide a set that will be a addition that will be around for a while should you choose this on.

Wilson Men’s Profile XD Golf Club Set

Set Specifications


With a titanium 460cc driver aimed at helping beginners with their shot distance, featuring power weight to provide forgiveness on your shots.

Fairway Wood

Designed with low paced weighting this fairway has a stronger loft to give you excellent and consistent plays from the fairway and also the rough.


Stainless steel irons with a perimeter design to create a sweet spot that is large enough to give you plenty of forgiveness on shots. A sand and pitching wedge that has been designed with better spin technology to improve it’s performance.


The included hybrid in the set is touted as being easily hit with it’s better trajectory than the irons achieved from the high launch technology.


A putter engineers with toe and heel weighting, a head that can be easily aligned as you see fit giving you the stability that you need and accuracy required on those shots.

Cart Bag

The lightweight bag of the set has plenty storage options, it’s perfect and additionally ideal for someone that needs something that fits and feels specific where others just won’t quite do the job.


The clubs in general are certainly value for money with high quality build materials

The grips on the clubs are very comfortable and reports show they don’t wear down too bad.

The bag is amazing from its storage to its padded shoulder strap and the custom fit is value alone


Reports of people getting used to the clubs after a while noticing they could upgrade sooner than expected

With the bag begin made the way it is, storage of it become a little troublesome when not in use.

The pitching wedge’s shaft is forgiving but feels a little odd and takes some getting used to.

Callaway Men's Strata Tour Complete Golf Set

Callaway Men’s Strata Tour

Callaway makes another appearance, not that its surprising but their Strata Tour set takes what was achieved with their Ultimate version and improves on everything tenfold, providing you extreme quality and premium design and engineering to give you a set to propel your game to the next level.

This set would be the choice for you if you’re looking for the best of the best, it comes at a price point that is competitive with the rest of what is available in the same range. With a large selection of clubs at your disposal and a overall quality to rival both its little brother and most of the rest of sets in its range.

Set Specifications


Improving on the previous driver and giving you a 460cc forged driver made form titanium promoting extreme distance all the while with forgiveness in the shot and with a large sweet spot.

Fairway Wood

The fairway woods are just at the top of their game with the forgiveness you’d come to expect from the set with aerodynamically designed head spacing to achieve some high flight trajectory shots.


Stainless steel irons engineered with top-notch performance and a combination of both control and the forgiveness you expect.


An amazing alternative to the long irons would be the hybrids included in the set, for the confidence you need to conqueror those shots that are just too hard to hit otherwise.


The putter is still lightweight and is also provides the control and accuracy you need to sink the ball on a consistent basis.

Stand Bag

With head covers and a bag featuring multiple storage pockets as well as a carry strap and a bag that stands without need for any support compliments the set.


A whopping 18 pieces come included with this set meaning no need to buy individuals

Shafts made form graphite which means the clubs are lightweight and also very forgiving.

The addition of the hybrids are a great alternative to the irons providing you more shot options.


The price is of course higher than the rest of the range but that balanced out with the value and premium quality build of the set.

Things you should know about golf clubs

So when starting out as a beginner its only natural that you’d be rife with questions of all sorts. For example what are the best golf clubs for beginners and which one should I be using at this particular area of the course, which is fine.

However, before getting too deep into the rabbit hole trying to learn all of the important stuff, it is a good idea that you know all of the basics about the various golf clubs.

Then once you’ve figured those things out, it will then be much easier to begin to learn the rest and gain the confidence that will come with it, such as which golf club is ideal for which area and shot.

Speaking of golf clubs, there are about three separate components that you’ll want to keep in mind. Firstly the head of the club, the clubs grip and finally, of course, the shaft. Each one of these plays a vital role in the way that you’ll be playing the game.

Oh also not forgetting that without these, you’ll basically be back at that tree branch we spoke about earlier (leave it alone). The grip as the name would imply is the area of the club where you hold(or grip) it with both hands.

A good idea would be to make sure that the grip you choose is suitable and provides the comfort you want, all the while it should still provide you the grip you need. The head of the club is for sure the most important part in any club as it will have an effect on your hit accuracy and the ability to get a good trajectory off.

The golf club shaft is also just as equally important, but often you’ll find it is overlooked, in fact, today you will find shafts are often made from graphite which provides a great amount of weight reduction which in turn provides a better swing and forgiveness in the shot.

When you’re considering the shaft you should remember to look out for things such as the torque and the flex as these two factors will play a big deciding factor on your play and end game.

When you’ve learned all about the main components of the golf club and why their so important, at this point I would recommend moving along onto the next part.

This would be figuring out just what the number of clubs you’ll be needing to carry along with you. A good guide/baseline is that professional golfers that play under the rules of the USGA will often carry a combined total of 14 golf clubs in the golf bags.

This is a good indicated to show that even at a professional level of play the most clubs you’ll need to carry would be around 14.

The Various Types of Golf Clubs

Different Golf Clubs

In total they are 5 different types of golf clubs that you’ll find are used in the game. All the while you might additionally find that there are manufacturers who attempt you have their clubs look different from others either from an identity or a performance standpoint.

A good example would be how some putters look different from one to the next but are still begin used for the same purpose as a regular putter. Thus as you’ll just be starting out you might want to get the differences down so you know each club which is vital for your game and know what to use when and not mistaking one for another.


The big boy and the most commonly used gold club of the set which every golf player will take longer with them is known as the driver, regardless of if you’re a beginner, casual or a professional everyone will be using one.

Out of all of the clubs, we’ll be discussing the driver is the only one with potential to ‘drive’ the ball the furthest, additionally, it is the club that you’ll be selecting when you start a round of golf. A good way to tell whether or not what you’re looking at is the driver would be the length of the shaft and of course the size of the head which is often the largest of the set.

In golf, a 1-wood is often given to the driver with the purpose of helping to tee off on a par-4 and also sometimes on par-5’s if the ball is actually on the tee.

However having said that, there are cases where some professionals and high skilled golf players will instead opt to use it whenever they’re on the fairway, but the case of this is often that it takes time and also a lot of practice to be able to do this yourself. As such its usually a good idea for beginners to just keep to using it to tee off which is generally where it will be most useful.

Because of the low amount of loft that the driver possesses and the fact that it has the longest shaft of the set, it can sometimes be quite difficult for beginners to master. Even so, it’s essential that you carry it in your set at all times and that you continue to use it and practice with it for as long as you’re able, as you’ll find that it will eventually improve your starting game.

If you find that you’re having a harder time teeing off with a driver, the next step would be to find a driver that has a loft that higher than your current one which should make it easier, or start out with the best golf drivers for beginners that have a higher loft to begin with if you prefer.

Fairway Woods

If you’ve gotten to the point that you’re now able to successful tee off with the driver golf club, then its time to introduce you to the fairway woods as the driver won’t be ideal from here on out.

Ideally, at this point, you’ll want to switch to a club with ahead that is smaller and shaft which is shorter than the driver which is why we use the fairway woods.

The fairway as the name would imply is the club that you’ll use most of the time while you’re on the fairway, with its smaller head and short shaft it separates itself from the larger driver to provide a lesser amount of power and loft. Generally, the wood does look sort of like a smaller petite driver but doesn’t quite make a statement the way the driver does.

Additionally the fairway woods with their smaller head and short shaft also usually have a head that is made from some form of metal, again making similar to the driver. But if we look through the history of golf you’ll come to find that the fairway wood was actually in fact made out of either hickory, persimmon, and other wood materials which in turn earned them their name ‘fairway wood’.

Because of the smaller components of the clubs, in turn, this makes them much more accurate but retracts on the achievable distance. Once you get used to these clubs though, you’ll be able to achieve great distance while also controlling the shot to become quite accurate.

If you find yourself on the course but unsure of if you should or shouldn’t be using a fairway wood, just take a moment and remind yourself of the name ‘fairway wood’ and you’ll be able to remind yourself of where it should be used. As far as using the club goes, ideally, you’d want to use it up to the point that you are at least 175 yards from the hole.

Its also a good idea to remember that the club should be in use after your first initial drive with your driver. In most cases, players will often use between either a 3-wood to a 5-wood as the loft are usually a little different on those clubs.


You will typically see irons begin used when a player is around the 200 yards or less mark (from the green).

With the number of clubs available there are also a large number of irons often at your disposal, these can be 3,4,5,6,7,8 and also a 9 and as such these can often take up most of the quantity of your set.

With that in mind, its good practice to keep in mind that the closer you are to the green after 200 yards, you’ll want to make sure that you are using the most ideal iron which would be higher the closer you get.

Often you also find that some of the best irons for beginners such as the 3 and 4 will be a little harder to swing unlike the others, as such beginners, some women, and golfers that have a higher handicap might sometimes opt to replace these with some woods that have a higher loft, which is usually the 7 or the 9 wood.


Over the last couple of years the hybrid golf club have slowly but sure make their way into play and become quite popular among players. The general consensus is that the hybrid work by having a shaft made of iron and a wooden shaft.

With this form of club design, it allows for the best combination of iron and wood (hybrid) in the club. This providers player with the ability to attain greater distance and you’ll find that quite often the player that uses the best hybrid clubs for beginners are using them to replace their 3-4 irons and also sometimes their 7-9 woods.


While it is certainly true that wedge can, in fact, be defined in a multiple number of ways, the most simplistic form would be a kind of iron that can help a player with a specific type of shot.

The most common and arguably most important form of a wedge would be the pitching wedge, which will often be accompanied with a loft of 46-48 degrees. On wedges the way it works is that each time the loft will go up by four degrees, so we usually see a 48, 52, 56, 60 and a 64-degree loft wedge.

You’ll find wedges to be very useful in a game of golf, the player will often carry more than one wedge with them in the sets. Usually when you’re closer to the green is when you’ll start to see them and see just how their design is so valuable in the game. The shape of the head of the wedge will provide you to actually shape your shot and better control it without over hitting it.


So a putter as you might have guessed is basically used to just putt the golf ball into the hole when you’ve gotten yourself onto the green.

While the accuracy and control of the putter will certainly be valuable when on the green, they will not be of any help should you find yourself in any sand traps and thus you’ll want to make sure you rely on some other clubs should you get to that point.

As previously mentioned you’ll often find that putters will come in all forms of styles sometimes not even looking like a traditional putter, but that’s alright because if you’re not on the green then generally you’ll not want to be using it, which is a good way to remember if you’re ever unsure.